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The size of the items i brought does not fit me, can i change it?

  • No changing of item is allow
  • As stated, HauteUrban will not held any responsible of discrepancy.
  • You may post your item to BOSS OF YOUR OWN.

How long will the items take to arrive.

  • For all pre-order, item will arrive apprx 2 week or earlier,once payment is done to supplier which is 3 days after the pre-order is closed.

I forgot my password.

  • Email us your account name or email address,we will help you to reset the password.
  • Upon log in,change the password to a new one.

♥ Are we able to order 1st and pay when the stock arrive.

  • No Payment = No Order

♥ What size should i take for the shoes.

  • Do use the measurement given as a guide under the measurement section.

♥ Able to have meet up at my convenience.

  • No.

♥ Do HauteUrban Supply

  • Not at the moment.

♥ Having problem with a seller/buyer at BOSS OF YOUR OWN site

  • We will try to contact the seller/buyer and try to communicate for both party.

*However, do note that we do not held any responsible at BOSS OF YOUR OWN site.

♥ What does the Order Status mean?

  • Processing - Mean that you had successfully place your order,is waiting for payment to be verify.
  • Payment Verified - Payment had been receive/verified by HauteUrban
  • Order in Process - Order is place,waiting for it to arrive.
  • Item Sent - Order had arrive and sent out via the respective shipping option. Register and Courier Tracking no will be updated under your order.
  • Refund - Mean that your order is out of stock,will be refunding you.You can store the credit in your account for future use.

♥ Is there any new shoes added in the collection?

  • New shoes/items will be added twice/thrice a month, do check back often to view the new shoes/items added.

♥ Any discount or negotiate allow.

  • No, price will not be given discount or nego unless stated.

♥ What does recommendation mean?

  • Smaller Cutting – Mean the shoes is small cutting,you might have to get 1 size up
  • Normal Cutting – Mean the size is normal
  • Bigger Cutting – Mean the shoes is big cutting,you might have to get 1 size down

♥ What the different between normal and register mail?

  1. Normal Postage
    • Without Tracking device
    • HauteUrban and SingPost will not be responsible for any lost mail through this.
    • Item will be post into your mailbox.
    • In cases where item are not able to fit into mailbox, postman will deliver your item to your doorstep or just leave it outside your door.
  2. Register/Courier Postage
    • There will be a tracking article number given for you to track your parcel.
    • We will be responsible for item lost through register postage.
    • Delivery will be done to your doorstep.
    • In cases where you are not at home to collect, an email will be send to you via Ninja Van with a link for you to arrange re-delivery.
    • SMS notification will be sent to the recipent before delivery is done.

♥ How do i contact HauteUrban?